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John Liescheski Memorial Scholarship

John was born bright and early on Easter Sunday in 1991 to Phillip and Joan Liescheski. He was the middle child with four siblings, all of whom are or will be Pius X graduates. At the time of his death, John was just finishing up his junior year at Pius X in 2008. On May 15, he collapsed during an off-season football practice after running sprints and died of heart complications. John’s death deeply impacted the Pius X community, especially his classmates and fellow team members. Phillip and Joan created this scholarship as a way of giving back to the members of the Pius X family and of supporting their mission to provide a Catholic education to Lincoln’s youth. In a class assignment, John also expressed a desire to contribute to the community through a scholarship.

John will always be remembered for his irresistible smile. John faced everything in his life with a fearless optimism that baffled those around him. His happy-go-lucky attitude was infectious, and he was always able to lighten the mood of anyone in close proximity. John surrounded himself with a wide variety of schoolmates and friends, always offering a listening ear and help with whatever was needed. He fostered close relationships with the members of his football team, and they dedicated their following season to John’s memory. In addition to football, John also enjoyed competing on the Trap Team at Pius X, and he was an active member in God teen’s at St. Joseph’s Parish.

At home, John was a constant source of enjoyment for his siblings and parents. He supplied most of the creativity behind his brothers’ mischievous antics, and he always maintained a very special relationship with his Mom. John loved visiting relatives in Texas and Montana, where he could spend time outdoors and hang out with large groups of people. Some of his most cherished childhood memories, however, were playing video games and watching early-morning cartoons with his brothers.

Even though John’s time on earth was short, he brought an enormous amount of joy to those who knew him. John completely lit up his corner of the world with his energy and enthusiasm for life. Everyone who was close to John benefited from the warmth of his heart and the sincerity of his cheerfulness. While his family and friends miss him dearly, everyone is truly grateful for the time they had been given with this remarkable young man. “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” [Job 1:21]

john liescheski scholarship
Fund Purpose/Criteria
Scholarship for all Pius X students
Established in 2008
Students Supported: 31+

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