The Pius Uniform Shop is located in the Pius commons, in the hall to the west of the “Bolt Café/Concession Stand”. Enter through door #1 on the southeast side of the main building.  Pius X Uniform Shop is only able to accept cash or checks.

In need of alterations?

The following ladies are available to hem shorts, pants, and skirts. Contact them directly for alteration price and questions:

  • Deb Fick (402) 435-6441
  • Cindy Kaminski (402) 440-8178


The Pius X Uniform Shop accepts cash and checks only. If you prefer, order forms are available in the Pius X main office and on our website, feel free to complete an order form and drop it off or send in the order form and payment to Pius X High School, 6000 A St, Lincoln, NE 68510. We cannot accept Dennis Uniform Scrip because we already receive our uniform items at a discounted price. You can use Dennis Uniform Scrip if you purchase directly from Dennis Uniform, however, you cannot get the Pius X discounted price if you order direct from Dennis.

Dennis Uniform

Uniforms may be ordered at www.dennisuniform.com (school code is PPK) or purchased at the Dennis Uniform store in Omaha which requires one to pay the Dennis Uniform full price. The following items may also be purchased from Dennis Uniform and sample sizes are available for try on so you can know what size to order. We do not stock these at Pius X, but the student can wear as part of the Pius school uniform. We do not sell or order these items. There are postcards in the main office and the uniform shop which describe options for ordering.

  • CREWNECK OR V-NECK CARDIGAN – very few students order this item but it is still an option.
  • GIRLS PLAID SKIRT – hemming policy applies to the plaid skirt, the plaid is white, green and navy.


Please contact us at uniformshop@piusx.net or (402) 488-0931.


Uniform Shop Hours (during the school year):

  • Tuesday’s from 3:30 to 4:30pm

If you need assistance outside of our uniform shop hours, email Jude Cowan at uniformshop@piusx.net. She can help with your order and arrange for it to be picked up by your student.

Uniform Options

Girls can wear either the girl or boy short. If a student chooses to hem their shorts, the short must extend to the top of the knee. The student will be required purchase new shorts if they choose to hem above the top of the knee. These are available in navy and khaki. We would like all shorts, skirts & dresses as close to the knee as possible for modest dress at all Pius functions.
We offer khaki and navy pants in youth and junior sizes. Girls are free to wear the boys or girls pants.
We offer khaki and navy shorts. We offer boys pants and shorts in youth and men sizes. If the shorts are too short, feel free to purchase pants and make them into shorts; many of the taller boys choose this option.
We offer khaki and navy pants. We offer boys pants and shorts in youth and men sizes. 
BOYS & GIRLS POLOS – $24/Youth and $26/Adult
We require the banded-bottom polo in white, navy or green to be purchased through Pius X or Dennis Uniform. We offer the regular length polo and a ‘tall’ polo, which has 3” added before the band. These are custom-made for Pius every two years.
BLACK ZIP UP POLAR FLEECE – no longer available in uniform shop
The uniform crewneck sweatshirt is available in gray and green. The ¼ zip sweatshirt fleece is in navy .
The zip-up black polar fleece can still be worn if you already have it or get a used one. The crewneck, 1/4 zip sweatshirts, and gray full zip jackets must be purchased through Pius X Uniform Shop.
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