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Highlights from Catholic Schools Week 2021

Pius X celebrated Catholic Schools Week with dress up days, an ‘all school’ Mass (back-to-back masses to create  more room for social distancing), a special visit and message from Bishop Conley, and a pep rally. Students in the Campus Ministry club also created a thank you video for parents. Below,

Student-artists turn broken glass into crosses

Art students in Laurie Rodaway’s Folk Art class in the first semester created crosses out of glass. Here are pictures of the progression of work students put in and their final creation. Latest Stories

Epiphany Mass photos, homily and livestream

PODCAST “His light came not to shine on us, but to shine on the path that leads to him. How much less of a pressure that is. ‘I don’t have to perform. I don’t have to look good so that someone will love me, like me, retweet me.’ … He

epiphany mass

The many flags of our students and families

Today, our first day of the second semester for our students, we celebrated the many countries around the world represented by our students and families with our Epiphany Mass. Respective students show the flags of most of the countries represented at Pius X. Latest Photo Galleries

DNA extraction a color lab activity

AP Biology performed a DNA extraction from red and green substances! This lab activity helps students visualize one of the most important molecules on the planet, DNA. The activity can be done with simple materials found in most homes (students used used broccoli and strawberries). When molecules are insoluble (unable

Anatomy students make muscle models

On Friday, December 4, Jenna Steenson’s anatomy students constructed a model of muscle bodies. Students brought in materials such as straws cardboard, and toilet paper tubes to try to replicate an example of a cell containing structures such as myofibrils, which are cylinder-shaped like organelles and blood vessels surrounding the

tableau sander english

Tableaus let students explain books in three key scenes

Students in some of Jennifer Sander’s English classes created tableaus to share key parts of the books they read in literature circles. The students ‘act’ out their chosen scenes by posing with little or no motion, and can only speak one word, if they choose to speak at all. Each

Pro-life club wraps Christmas presents for families

Members of the Students for Life Club purchased Christmas presents for two families in the Pius X community in need of assistance during the upcoming holiday season. “We each selected a slip of paper with a gift on there that we bought ourselves,” senior Derrek Sumner said. Then, they joined

Speech team begins season with virtual competition

The speech team started their season on Saturday, November 7 with the Bellevue West Invite. However, this season will look much different from years’ past. The team usually spends their Saturdays competing at various high schools around the state. This year, amidst many COVID-19 protocols, students will be attending virtual

All Souls Mass 2020

We celebrated our All Souls Mass yesterday with the loved ones of deceased alumni, and our Pius X staff members. Listen to the homily from Fr. Bernardo, who speaks of his own loss and how it has impacted his priestly ministry. More Photo Galleries

mckee construction

Constructing the processes in Building Construction class

Don McKee likes to keep his students busy with multiple projects taking place at once, and today’s Building Construction class was a perfect example. He takes time to teach the benefits of having a process to ensure items are cut, hammered, sawed and drilled correctly the first time. Latest Stories

Culinary students crank out homemade pasta, pesto sauce

Homemade pasta with pesto sauce was on the lesson plan and the menu for students in Intro to Culinary Arts. Teacher Amy Shonka had students using hand-crank machines to flatten and splice the pasta, before returning the next day to finish cooking and enjoying their meal. Latest Stories

psych class balance

Balancing right- and left-brain capacity in Psych class activity

How well do you balance your left brain and right brain capacities at the same time? Psychology classes taught by Susan Kelly participated in a brain lab, where the object was to use both sides of the brain simultaneously, seeing (based on handedness) how you do when balancing a dowel

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