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All Souls Mass 2020

We celebrated our All Souls Mass yesterday with the loved ones of deceased alumni, and our Pius X staff members. Listen to the homily from Fr. Bernardo, who speaks of his own loss and how it has impacted his priestly ministry. More Photo Galleries

mckee construction

Constructing the processes in Building Construction class

Don McKee likes to keep his students busy with multiple projects taking place at once, and today’s Building Construction class was a perfect example. He takes time to teach the benefits of having a process to ensure items are cut, hammered, sawed and drilled correctly the first time. Latest Stories

Culinary students crank out homemade pasta, pesto sauce

Homemade pasta with pesto sauce was on the lesson plan and the menu for students in Intro to Culinary Arts. Teacher Amy Shonka had students using hand-crank machines to flatten and splice the pasta, before returning the next day to finish cooking and enjoying their meal. Latest Stories

psych class balance

Balancing right- and left-brain capacity in Psych class activity

How well do you balance your left brain and right brain capacities at the same time? Psychology classes taught by Susan Kelly participated in a brain lab, where the object was to use both sides of the brain simultaneously, seeing (based on handedness) how you do when balancing a dowel

eye dissection anatomy

Learning dissection techniques and eye anatomy in same lesson

An eye dissection brought an Anatomy lesson into focus for students in Jenna Steenson’s classes. Students are learning to identify the parts of a sheep’s eye, how they connect with each other, and how this eye compares to the human eye. Meanwhile, they are learning proper dissection techniques. More Photo

acting monologues

Students present serious, funny and quirky monologues

Previous Next Acting class performed monologues the last two days, giving students a chance to prepare and perform their own work. Topics ranged from serious to funny to quirky, with a few delivering a thoughtful message. The class is taught by Brian Carlson. More Photo Galleries

physics calculus rockets scheffler

Paper rocket launches a product of physics, calculus, and student ingenuity

Students in the AP Physics (PACE) class designed and launched paper rockets as part of a class lesson. They considered design, weight, length, aerodynamics, and eventually the amount of air pressure needed to launch the rocket toward a target. In the designing stage, students also had the opportunity to conduct

spanish Bonkiewicz

Dressed for a Spanish lesson success

Karen Bonkiewicz, Spanish teacher, really dressed up for her lesson on clothing items last week. She wore 20+ articles of clothing at the beginning of class, and layer-by-layer – fashion faux pas or not – amidst laughter and smiles from students, taught students the names of various items. #piusproud Latest

steenson biology

Reaching conclusions based on data students collect

Students in Jenna Steenson’s Biology classes are gathering data to analyze, then reach an appropriate conclusion based on the data. In one scenario, students listen to the sounds of crickets at three different temperatures to see if there is a difference in quantity. In another, a partner drops a ruler

claire rohrs with book

Rohrs earns honor, spot in published book for her poem

Claire Rohrs, a junior at Pius X, has been honored for her poem, ‘My Truth’, which is now in a published book. ‘Mediums for Change Youth Expression Project’ was published by the Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence. What inspired this poem? Society has taught us that it

photography wallish camera

Cardboard cameras bring learning into focus in Photography class

Part of the learning experience in Molly Wallish’s Photography class is learning how a camera works. This year, Wallish had students make a camera, of sorts, using cardboard, a magnifying glass, a thin piece of paper, and lots of tape. Students cut the cardboard into two different three-dimensional rectangles, one