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Seniors share one more Mass together in annual tradition

The Pius X class of 2024 attended the annual senior/parent Mass and breakfast on May 13.

The Mass was held at St. Peter Church and many of the seniors played a role in the Mass. Some of these tasks included reading, announcing the hymn numbers, and bringing up symbols of students’ time at Pius X.

Senior Clairvaux Villa brought up a collection of Shakespeare works to represent the academic accomplishments of the seniors.

“I thought Shakespeare fit well because we read Shakespeare like all four years and so it was a continuity of our careers at Pius,” Villa said. “I enjoyed it, and it is something fun that I will remember from my academics at Pius.”

During the homily, Fr. Matthew Schilmoeller talked about the trials that will come from leaving home and encouragement about the future.

Following the Mass, seniors were invited to Embassy Suites for a breakfast of fruit, casserole, scrambled eggs, sausages and French toast sticks. Along the walls, there was a slide show showcasing baby photos alongside the senior photos of this year’s graduates.

During the breakfast, parents read letters that their senior had written to them, followed by two speakers, senior David Hatt and biology teacher and senior parent Jesse Andres.

In order to write his speech, Hatt went to a familiar place for inspiration.

“To prepare, I went to the chapel and prayed a lot about what I wanted the message to be and what tone to set,” Hatt said. “I wandered around the chapel in circles clockwise for a couple of periods and got the whole thing cranked out.”

In the end, Hatt decided to share how excited and proud he was of the senior class for making it this far and the excitement that comes with looking towards the future.

“The message was ‘We made it, and I am super proud of us for being here,’” Hatt said.” I learned a lot about who I am, and I think that a lot of my friends and I are ready to take on the world.”

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

By: Cassie Schlautman

Staff Writer

Photographer: Cassie Schlautman

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