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Students “pack the chap” one last time

Campus ministry held their last “pack the chap” of the 2023-24 school year on Wednesday, May 15.

Pack the chap was held throughout the school year, usually on the second Tuesday of each month.

“Pack the chap is once a month morning Mass,” campus minister Scotty Sullivan said. “We try to get as many students as we can to literally pack the chapel.”

While pack the chap has been around for many years, it has caught speed this year.

The pack aspect has been emphasized this year with each event averaging around 115 students present.

The most recent pack the chap took it even higher with 140 students attending.

“This time pack the chap was held on Wednesday instead of our regular Tuesday,” Sullivan said.

This was due to it being the senior class’ last school day.

“The fact that it was the seniors’ last day made the Mass even more powerful,” Sullivan said. “They wanted one last Mass together with some of their classmates.”

A large number of attendees were seniors and were seen lining the front pews of the chapel.

“It was a great feeling to attend Mass on my last day at Pius,” senior Jack Lang said. “Fr. Bernardo’s homily about vocation and calling felt very personal to me, and I’m sure to many of the others who were there.”

New to pack the chap this year is music; several students sang and played the piano.

“Seeing all the faces at pack the chap and hearing students perform really shows how strong the Catholic culture at Pius is getting,” junior Lucy Willis said.

As usual, pack the chap tradition donut holes were available for all after the service ended.

“We bring donut holes because it encourages students to go and if you’re going to wake up that early, we might as well feed you,” Sullivan said.

While pack the chap has concluded this year, Sullivan feels that it’s just beginning and looks forward to another amazing year.

“Going to Mass with your peers is a pretty unifying thing to start the school day off with,” Sullivan said. “Seeing the numbers there can help people overcome their doubt on whether or not it really has an impact.”

Stay tuned for next year’s pack the chap dates via Instagram and the Pius X newsletter.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

By: Easton Beekman

Staff Writer

Photographer: Scotty Sullivan

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