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WRC holds end-of-semester Christmas party

The Writing Resource Center (WRC) had an end of the year Christmas party.

“I like to have this party just to say ‘thank you’ for all the help my tutors do throughout the year,” English teacher Jennifer Sander said.

As tutors, they help students revise their essays, and give them suggestions.

“I go home and reread their essay, then make corrections,” sophomore Jenna Spiegel said.

These tutors help anyone who has an essay, freshman through senior writers.

“I mainly help freshmen, but I also have helped upperclassmen,” Spiegel said.

With all the work the tutors do, they always have a positive attitude.

“All of my tutors are kind people and great kids,” Sander said.

To conclude the semester, Sander hosted a party to celebrate all the hard work put into the WRC.

“I’m so thankful for Mrs. Sander, and all the people in the WRC,” Spiegel said.

They enjoyed food and played a game of white elephant.

“This party was so fun, and I loved that Mrs. Sander did this for us,” sophomore Libby Preister said.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

By: Blair Bergevin

Staff Writer

Photographer: Blair Bergevin

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