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Golden Spoon Scholarship

A Pius X education is special in many ways – academic excellence, opportunity to discover ones talents and abilities, development of the Catholic faith, our relationship with the Holy Trinity, and many other ways.

One alumnus, Rex Mudd ’61, believed his Pius X education was truly a ‘golden spoon’ in life. “Our 50th reunion struck me as being very similar to life – much too short,” Mudd wrote in a letter to his classmates. “I am struck by the accomplishments of our class – story after story of the lives we have led show a pattern of accomplishments by everyone.”

“I was not born with a golden spoon but believe that we were all blessed with the gold spoon given to us with a Pius education and the Pius experience in our critical formative years,” he continued. “While I believe we were a superior class, I recognize we were not unique when reading the accomplishments of subsequent classes. I marvel how Pius X turns out quality young men and women ready to enter the real world. Few start life with the advantage of the education we received.” This past year, he ensured that this same ‘golden spoon’, a Pius X education, would be available and affordable for generations of Pius X students for years to come by establishing the Golden Spoon Scholarship.

For decades, Pius X students and families have been blessed by those who believe in the mission of Pius X and positive attributes of a Catholic education. The endowed scholarships established through the Pius X Foundation allow many families, who may otherwise not be able to afford a Catholic education, to attend Pius X and develop and grow in God’s love. Mudd established the Golden Spoon Scholarship to help students realize that even though they may not have been born into wealth or financial security, each of them is born with unique talents, demonstrated by their academic accomplishments.

Mudd asked that with the awarding of the scholarship each year, the recipient will receive a certificate that includes some very powerful truths: “The golden spoon given to you by God is a fine mind and a keen intellect. This scholarship is for you to develop your mind, grow your faith, develop your skills and most of all enjoy your Pius experience as you transition to adulthood. We salute your achievement and hope that with continued success into the distant future you may be inspired to help a similar outstanding student that would benefit from a Pius X education.”

“Thank you so much…for my scholarship, it means so much to me and my family! I am not currently working anywhere, but I’m planning on getting a job as soon as I turn 16…I play softball for Pius X.

…Last year my favorite classes were English, Spanish, and Theology. I LOVE reading so I wasn’t surprised to love my English class. During the second semester, we read and acted out Romeo and Juliet. I had Spanish 8th period, so everyone was pretty tired by then and ready to go home, but we had a lot of laughs. I loved my Theology class because he challenged the way I look at the Bible. He changed my perspective when reading those stories. That’s why I love Pius X. This school truly does help you grow in your faith. I love how freely you can talk about your beliefs, which you can’t do at other schools. I love how personal Pius X is too. You can tell that each of the teachers genuinely cares about you and want you to succeed in their class. And the class sizes are smaller so you get to know all the kids in your grade better. There truly is a place for everyone to belong at Pius X. Thank you again for the scholarship and for making it easier for me to go to such a great school.”

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this scholarship you have allowed me to receive. As an incoming senior to Pius, I have been able to experience the environment Pius creates for three full school years now and feel the same way Mr. Mudd felt, Pius is creating very prominent young men and women, I have so very happy to be a part of this group of kids coming out of Pius with an amazing start to my adult life. The lessons and faith Pius has been teaching me will surely stick with me for the rest of my life and I hope they will drive me toward success in my adult life. This scholarship helps to provide me with all of this and brings me so much joy, thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

My family means everything to me. I am the youngest of four children…My mother…is, to me, the most intelligent, kind and caring person I have ever met. She has raised four children on her own and still amazes me to this day. I love my family with my whole heart.

Pius is a high school that I’m happy to attend every single day….Pius has created the perfect friendly competition where each student tries to do the best and because of this Pius has some of the highest academic standards in the state. Because of the standards they have created, colleges will know that individuals coming out of Pius will be great students to accept to their schools….I am glad to be at a high school where I know I’m receiving some of the best education.

Along with all the academics Pius provides, they give us sports, clubs, and many other activities. I have now been a participant on the track team for two years. I started my sophomore year with hurdles and changed to throwing discus junior year. The track team has helped me in so many different ways, like showing me what a truly hard working team looks like. I also am a proud member of the Ambassadors club. Through the Ambassadors we have become of the leaders of the school and it is our mission to help everyone feel at home at Pius. I am naturally a leader and this club really helps me to further that and to learn how to be better. I want everyone to feel safe and comfortable and the Ambassadors helps me to further this mission. Of all things at Pius, the Ambassadors has been my favorite because of their mission and the environment we establish at Pius! Once again, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this scholarship. It helps me and my family in so many ways! …Thank you very much for providing me with the opportunity to keep attending Pius!

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Fund Purpose/Criteria
Scholarship for students with high academic achievement
Established in 2012
Students Supported: 20+

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