Post-Graduation Planning

The work you do in high school to prepare for life after graduation is critical and often necessary. Your guidance counselor is ready to help you each step along the way, and we have developed this webpage as a go-to spot for the many online resources available to help you keep track of your journey.

Check out the requirements for graduation from high school. Work with your guidance counselor to make a plan to not only meet the requirements, but open up elective opportunities that interest you.

Sign into Naviance and read your Family Connections page regularly for important events, workshops, testing and information on college visits!

How to apply, use Naviance Student to your advantage, and exploring the Common Application.

National Scholarship Websites

This nonprofit allows students and families to learn more about financial aid, scholarships, and the process of visiting and applying for college.

Applications to a military academy is a two-fold process of completing the application for the elected officials and applying to the academy.

ACT / SAT Information

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to take the ACT and/or SAT. Juniors planning to attend college should consider beginning the testing process during their junior year. For most students, there is no need to take both tests. Most students do better on the ACT. Students should apply at (ACT) or (SAT). The Pius X High School code number is 281-315.

ACT Test Date Registration Deadline Late Fee Required
September 8, 2018
August 3
August 4-17
October 27, 2018
September 21
Sept. 22 - Oct. 10
December 8, 2018
November 2
November 3-25
February 9, 2019
January 11
January 12-18
April 13, 2019
March 8
March 9-25
June 8, 2019
May 3
May 4-2019
July 13, 2019
June 14
June 15-24
SAT Test Date Registration Deadline Deadline for Changes
August 25, 2018
July 27
August 15
October 6, 2018
September 7
Sept. 26
November 3, 2018
October 5
October 24
December 1, 2018
November 2
November 20
March 9, 2019
February 8
February 27
May 4, 2019
April 5
April 24
June 1, 2019
May 3
May 22