Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Nurse Holly making bright impact at Pius X

Holly Steinbach, or Nurse Holly, is one of the many wonderful faculty members at Pius X.

Steinbach originally grew up on a farm in Wyoming before moving to North Carolina.

In high school, she became an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and volunteered as a firefighter.

Afterwards, she went into nursing school as a scribe before working twelve hours shifts.

Once she was done in North Carolina, she moved to Wichita, Kansas, where her brother and two nieces lived. There she started working twelve hour shifts in the ER.

After meeting her husband, Bill, Steinbach moved to Lincoln where they had a little boy named Tyler, who is currently 17 months old. They are also expecting a newborn in June.

Steinbach’s hobbies include sleeping and going to the zoo.

“I love going to the zoo and seeing my son’s face when he sees the animals,” she said.

A fun fact about Steinbach’s family is that her husband went to Pius X for high school. However, she herself only heard of Pius X once she found out they were hiring a school nurse.

Previously, she had been working at a pediatric clinic and felt like she needed to do something different. Something that aligned with her morals and values.

“I love Pius X,” Steinbach said. “I love getting to interact with the students. You never know what a student needs when they come to me.”

Whether it’s for a bandage, Tylenol, different emergencies, or a deep conversation, Steinbach is always ready to help students through their day.

“I get to be a support person for people to talk to and a smiling face,” she explained.

However there are also other things that Steinbach does such as helping in the classrooms with subjects of anatomy and biology.

“I try and come to make an impact,” Steinbach said. “I’m trying everyday to be a positive influence for people.”

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

By: Ehva Manuylo

Staff Writer

Pius X

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