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Apply to College Day helps seniors get started

Seniors at Pius X were invited to attend Apply to College Day in the Library on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

Apply to College Day is a day where seniors are given time to come down to the library and apply to different colleges of their choice.

“I like that there is a set time for me to do my application, so I don’t have to find time to work on them outside of school,” senior Lillian Seipel said.

Apply to College Day is set up so that it will be easy for the seniors to apply for their colleges.

“The seniors can come down during their open period, or sometimes teachers will bring a whole class down,” counselor Connie Freudenberg said. “We are here to talk them through it, and college representatives are here to help and answer any questions the seniors may have.”

Apply to College Day is a way the counselors help students to get their applications done.

“Apply to College Day helps kids not to procrastinate so they don’t wait till the last minute to do their applications,” Freudenberg said. “I love working with the students.”

This day is a way for Pius X seniors to catapult their futures.

“Apply to College Day has helped me to be ready for next year,” senior Allie Lindeen said.

Apply to College Day is also a chance for the counselors to get to talk to the seniors about their plans for after high school.

Applying to college may be a daunting task, but this day is designed to make it easier for the seniors.

“My advice to the seniors is to apply early and get your college visits in before the weather gets cold,” Freudenberg said.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

By: Libby Schinstock

Staff Writer

Photographer: Libby Schinstock

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