Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Building Construction students build shed for BOLT

Students in Building Construction class recently finished building a shed that they worked on throughout the school year.

The shed was sold at the Pius X BOLT fundraiser.

“I wanted a practical experience for Building Construction kids,” industrial technology teacher Don McKee said. “They had to use a lot of different skills and work together for this project.”

McKee explained that this project was different than ones he has built in the past.

“I had to design this shed in a way that we would be able to take it apart,” McKee said. “We took it apart in sections, so the floor, the four walls and the roof were two halves.”

The shed project was just a small portion of the education McKee hoped to impart on his students.

“I do not intend to produce a bunch of carpenters through this class,” McKee said. “I want to enable them to do things for themselves, whether that’s teaching them how to read plans, how a building goes together so they can do repair work themselves, and things like that.”

Students learned various skills they didn’t know before taking this class.

“I enjoyed this project because it taught me a lot of practical skills in building,” junior Javier Gomez said. “McKee taught me how to use a level and that’s something I didn’t know how to do so it was a fun experience.”

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

By: Christiona Koenig

Staff Writer

Photographer: Javier Gomez

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