Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

bolt love

Hayley ’15 and Austin ’15 Reed

Married in July 2018

The Story: Austin and I had parking spots next to each other each other in the church parking lot. We would occasionally say hi or walk to school together in the mornings, but one day it was raining after school and I asked him for a ride to my car. We awkwardly joked for the two minutes we were driving who’s car was faster! We started texting soon after just about our speeches and homework assignments.

Austin was very persistent! He “asked me out” three times and I kept saying no. The fourth try was a charm though. That was our sophomore year of high school.

The Pius X Impact: It’s been a great thing! We are close with a lot of the friends we graduated with, so it’s been fun staying in touch with some people.

Life Update: My h.flynn hobby started in high school, and Austin was actually an amazing help in the beginning! I remember we would stay up late at night and he’d help me with orders. I knew he was a keeper when he would spend his nights organizing order forms. Austin is now a scribe at Lincoln pediatric group, I am running H.FLYNN full-time, and we have a 10-month-old baby girl, Blakely!

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