Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

bolt love

Mary McManus ’17 & Phil Turner ’18

To be married in June 2021

The story: We had chemistry class together his sophomore and my junior year. We had mutual friends in the class and continued to talk to each other and do homework. He eventually joined Pius players with me and that’s when we got close.

We both kept trying to set each other up with other people. Both kept failing. I had a really hard day my senior year and he took me out for lunch and then we decided to go to a movie after. That’s when we both realized we had feelings for each other. A few days later we are dating, and now we are here.

The Pius X Impact: We really know each other. And having gone to the same school and learned the same stuff and having the same beliefs really impacts the relationship. We go to church together every week, go to confession a couple times a month, and so much more.

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