Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

bolt love

Scott ’92 & Karla ’92 Hartz

Married in July 1998

The Story: We knew of each other, but didn’t have much interaction until our Junior and Senior years of high school when we had some classes together. We had mutual friends, but never really spent any time outside of school together.

Karla asked Scott to the Turnabout dance their Senior year of high school (just as friends). That was the first time we were in a setting together outside of school. We had a fun and amazing time together. We saw each other in a different light after that night and began dating shortly after.

Pius X impact today: We have always prioritized our faith. I’m not sure that would have always been the case had we not both attended Pius. Pius gave us a strong religious education and foundation that still impacts our family today.

Life Update: We have two boys that attend North American Martys and will eventually attend Pius. Scott works as a Business Systems Administrator for NMPP Energy and, after 18 years as a dental hygienist, Karla is a para in preschool at North American Martys.

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